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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Beam Me Up, Dashboard

You’re sitting in a leather seat surveying screens of blinking lights and messages while your first officers are controlling and monitoring the Enterprise’s movement and trajectory. Scotty is sitting in the back fiddling with the Transporter, and Spock is sneering over your shoulder at a bad reading on the Ops panel. The Bridge Command center … Read More

The Walking Dead

Our lives are busy, from working a full time job, taking care of ourselves and our families, going to the gym, cooking, cleaning, somehow making time for fun, it is exhausting! When do we sleep? Is sleep even that important? “I’ll sleep when I’m dead,” seems to be the mantra of everyone, not just the … Read More

Back Over

It’s that familiar rush of the morning: “Mom, I can’t find my other shoe!” “Dad, did you sign my note?” “Sally’s hogging the bathroom!” “I don’t want to get up!” Sometimes you don’t know where one child begins and you end. You’re grabbing your keys, someone’s math book, your phone, holding back the dog as … Read More

Day of Action

With all of the help and blessings the lawyers and staff of  have received over the past 32 years, we try to “pay it forward” as much as possible. From donating to charitable causes, volunteering at events, or sponsoring charity marathons, we truly try to put as much as we can into the community around us. … Read More