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 “June, She’ll Change Her Tune”

Kudos to Simon and Garfunkel for accurately predicting a transition from rainy May to sun and heat filled June! However, they may have predicted more than the initial summer heat. That’s right, June 1st marked the beginning of the 2016 hurricane season, yet we’ve already had two storms show up early to the party. Hurricane Alex blew through in January, the first Atlantic hurricane in January since Hurricane Alice in 1955. Just last week, Hurricane Bonnie of the Atlantic Ocean, the sixth of her name (FEMA really needs to learn some new “B” names) crashed through some Memorial Day picnics and bar-b-ques, reclaiming the month of May as her own all while reminding us that summer is coming.

While the forecast for this year’s hurricane season is “near-average”, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has made it clear that the forecast may alter as the future is uncertain. Many factors can change and affect the current forecast, such as the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Cycle, which is a cycle affected by winds and sea surface temperatures. Currently NOAA predicts a La Niña summer, meaning decreasing temperatures across the sea surface which causes less wind shear across the Atlantic. Wind shear is the gradient of wind speed, with less wind shear comes higher gusts of wind. Some experts, like AccuWeather, predict that the La Niña pattern will cause the most active hurricane season since 2012. Not only that, but sometimes freak storms blow through like in 1992 when Hurricane Andrew wreaked havoc across the East Coast causing $26 billion worth of damage and killing 65 people.

Unlike President Underwood in the hit Netflix series, “House of Cards”, President Obama is working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and urging Americans to prepare for the season that has rapidly approached us. As he stated in his address, “What we’ve been seeing is some public complacency slipping in; a large portion of people not having preparedness kits, not having evacuation plans,” he said. “All that has to pick up, because we want to make sure that, although it’s hard to prevent property damage, that we are doing everything we can to prevent loss of life.” He also emphasized the urgency of complying with evacuation orders, an area where Obama says, “We’ve been stagnant.”

Now the question is, how do we follow our President’s pleas and prepare for this uncertainty? Luckily in the age of smart phones we get alerts daily about possible events, so while we suggest you know the hurricane risk of the area where you live, we also know you will get an automatic alert if you are in imminent danger. No subscription required. As President Obama mentioned, emergency kits and evacuation plans are also a must for preparedness. Again, luckily last year, during Hurricane Joaquin, we posted a survival guide to hurricanes. If you need some guidance on types of items to keep in your kits refer to that blog post.

Curcio Law is desperately looking forward to a few weeks sans rain, but we understand that nature is changeable.  June may change her tune, restlessly prowling through the night, but prepared we are if hurricane’s take flight!

(I apologize for butchering “April Comes She Will”.)

Thomas J. Curcio Attorney Photo
Thomas J. Curcio

Tom Curcio, the driving force behind Curcio Law, is a dedicated trial lawyer with more than 35 years of experience in Northern Virginia. He has dedicated his career to representing people who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own. He works tirelessly to obtain the compensation his clients are legally entitled to…

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Rakin Hamad

Rakin Hamad is a graduate of the George Mason Law School and joined Curcio Law as an associate in August 2018. Rakin works closely with Tom Curcio and staff in preparing cases from the initial client meeting through trial and has been a perfect fit for the firm. During law school, Rakin interned at the…

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Julia Martinez

Julia Martinez, a Florida native, joined Curcio Law as a paralegal in 2013. She began her legal career in 1998 working at a personal injury firm that primarily handled automobile accidents, slip and falls, and products liability cases. Then, in 2008 she expanded her knowledge by working at two other law firms. She obtained her…

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Kathy McAfee
Office Manager

As the firm’s office manager, Kathy McAfee is dedicated to making sure the office runs smoothly and that the team has what it needs by way of resources, technology, and supplies to best serve our clients. Kathy graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Roanoke College in 1986 and afterward, returned to Alexandria. She began…

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Riann Winget
Legal Assistant/Receptionist

Riann Winget, a native Texan, graduated with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Legal Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. She was a member of the varsity soccer team, Chi Omega Sorority, and was on the university board for Big Brothers Big Sisters. After graduation, she joined AmeriCorps and taught preschool…

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    Rakin handled my lawsuit with care. He represented me and was able to win and bring the truth to light. Very thankful to the law firm for taking my case and very happy with their service.

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    I am a recent client of Curcio Law and and do not hesitate to give that firm my highest recommendation. I had suffered a serious injury as a pedestrian hit by a bus and spent a month in the hospital and the subsequent year learning to walk and funct...

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    Mr. Curcio is the best in NOVA! He helped my mother when we were helpless. Without his help, we would not win the case. Also, Mr. Curcio is very kind, polite, professional, and an expert lawyer. Please hire him for your case and you won't be disappo...

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    Kind,compassionate,hard-working ,and professional.

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