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Cruisin’ for a Boozin’

All parents reading this, breathe a sigh of relief! Those sleeping giants, midnight snacking, grunting, somewhat smelly individuals are returning to their safe haven called college this week. Sure, you may need to help them move all of their stuff back into a dorm room which makes the HGTV Tiny House look like a mansion; and sure, they may beg you to help them buy those expensive pillows, I mean textbooks that they need, but in the end your monster is off becoming an even more sleep deprived adult.

We know you’ve watched your kids grow up like Aly Raisman’s parents watch the Olympics.

As they navigate the difficult waters of college, between classes, gourmet cafeteria food, romantic feelings, and hall bathrooms, many of your college kids will also face new temptations: drugs and alcohol. Gifted with the freedom from Mom’s ever Seeing Eye, college kids suddenly have the freedom to binge not only pizza and junk food, but also alcohol. Granted, none of what I’ve just said is news to any of you. However, what with students moving back to campuses and alcohol becoming easier for them to acquire, we decided to write a post on the effects of alcohol and methods of tracking its consumption.

We would like to put a few disclaimers on this post.

  1. We are not vilifying alcohol, only putting out an informative post about its effects. (Ally works part time at a wine store so she has a very healthy relationship with this particular depressant.)
  2. We are not giving legal advice or medical advice. We’re not even giving parental advice. This is all purely informative and somewhat anecdotal.

As a past Resident Assistant, and college kid, I know that colleges are all very proactive with giving information about alcohol to their students. However, as a previous giver and receiver of this information, oftentimes the students ignore the advice or scoff at the statistics. I know I did. That’s why it’s good to educate your college kids at home about alcohol, and if possible, show your kids what a healthy relationship and respect for the depressant is. Allow them a taste before they leave, so they are not caught off guard. College kids and young 20-somethings think they are invincible. They often believe their tolerance is higher, or they know everything there is to know about alcohol. Instead of lecturing them, instead of vilifying alcohol, talk candidly to your student about the dangers excessive drinking poses.

To all the incoming freshmen, or returning students, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! We hope you enjoy your time at college, we hope you find your values and what matters most to you, and we hope you do it safely. (Parents: Click on the infograph twice to make it bigger!)


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