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Alexandria Lawyers Aid Victims of Dog/Animal Bites

Holding owners accountable for vicious attacks

Dog bite laws differ from state to state. Virginia is a “one bite” state, but not a strict liability dog bite state. This means Virginia will hold a person legally liable for a dog bite if the person’s negligence or violation of an animal control law caused the bite to happen. However, a dog gets one “free” bite in accordance with an old English law. Virginia also adheres to the contributory negligence rule which follows that a person who is even one percent responsible for an accident has no legal right whatsoever to recover compensation for medical bills or anything else.

Committed pursuit of full compensation for serious harm

Dog bite incidents can result in serious personal injury, from puncture wounds, broken bones, and even nerve damage. They can cause permanent scarring and often result in emotional and psychological impairment. Victims of dog bites can also struggle with medical treatments like plastic surgery, which insurance companies will not cover as they are not necessary to save a life, but are cosmetic in nature. All of this stress and fear is not conducive to receiving the compensation and recovery deserved, and with the difficult laws to navigate in Virginia, having a seasoned attorney behind you is a necessity.

When suffering physically and mentally, find attorneys who have your best interests at heart, who assist you with commitment, compassion, and character.

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