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How To Avoid Hot Car Tragedy

While kids are returning to school and the summer comes to a close, the temperatures in Alexandria continue to be very hot. Excessive heat can be a very real danger that can lead to a tragic loss. As we wrote in 2019, and again in 2013, hot car deaths are avoidable tragedies that occur every year. So far, in 2021, there have been fifteen deaths reported. Parked vehicles can become incredibly dangerous as the temperature inside the vehicle can rise quickly.

Due to rising temperatures in parked cars, leaving a child or a pet in the backseat of a parked vehicle can lead to fatal consequences. While many think that this would never happen to them, all it takes is a quick memory lapse. Cognitive research has shown that leaving a child in a vehicle is not a negligence problem but a memory problem. Parents facing increased stress are more likely to fall victim to these quick memory lapses. And what parent isn’t going through stress during these challenging times?

Thankfully, vehicle manufactures are installing backseat detection systems in their newer vehicles. Some vehicles now come equipped with systems that will alert you if there is a rear occupant in the vehicle. Check this website to see if your vehicle has any backseat detection systems. With some vehicles, you may have to turn the detection system on. There are still many manual reminders you can use to combat mental lapses for those who do not have a vehicle with installed backseat detection systems. For example, placing your briefcase, purse, backpack, jacket, etc., next to your child will lead you to look in the backseat before exiting your vehicle.

Hot car deaths are some of the most tragic deaths as they are usually not the result of any intentional act. As such, we at Curcio Law want to send a reminder to everyone that rising temperatures can be a safety threat, and we hope that everyone will continue taking precautionary measures to avoid tragedy.

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