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Curcio Law’s Tried And True Process For Achieving The Most Successful Compensation For Our Clients

1. The Call

When you call Curcio Law during business hours you will always speak with a person. We pride ourselves on treating others as we would like to be treated and strive to always offer individual attention and a kind word.

2. The Intake

You’ve called and Curcio Law has proven our commitment to treating everyone with respect and now you want to speak to an attorney. Our skilled staff will take down your contact information and a summary of your accident and will then send the report to the attorneys. Within 2 business days you will hear back from us to schedule either an in-person consultation, phone consultation, or to be given a referral if your circumstances are ones that Curcio Law feels it cannot help you with.

3. The Consultation

You’ve got the consultation. Our receptionist will send you a confirmation email with all of our contact information, your attorney’s information, and a client questionnaire that we ask you to bring to your consultation. We will also ask you to bring in your insurance declarations page and any other documentation pertaining to your accident that you have handy.

4. The Retainer

You’ve retained us as your lawyer! Our trusted staff and attorneys are diligently working on your case sending out Letters of Representation and Medical Record Requests. We need to acquire as much evidence for your case as possible and before memories fade. This often includes interviewing witnesses such as police officers and reviewing medical records.

5. The Demand

We’ve compiled all of your medical records and bills, your wage loss documentation, your property damage and now we are ready to begin the settlement process. We will compose a demand letter to be sent to the defendant’s insurance company and will discuss the demand with you before it is sent.

6. The Settlement

After negotiating with the defense attorneys we will come to the highest and best possible compensation based on your circumstances and the evidence at hand. The decision to accept or reject an offer is always the client’s decision. You will receive compensation for medical bills, mental anguish, your physical injuries, lost wages, inconvenience, and we will keep a portion of the settlement as our attorney fee.

7. The Lawsuit

Some claims cannot be settled outside of court, but with 30 years of experience behind us, the attorneys at Curcio Law are experienced trial attorneys and will do their best for you in the courtroom.