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Tom is a proud member of the Injury Board, a group of like-minded trial lawyers from the United States and the United Kingdom selected based upon their proven successful results, leadership positions in state and national trial bars, and involvement and commitment to their local community.


Living Safer Volume 12 Edition 2

Business Interruption Insurance

This cover article of this edition of Living Safer focuses on what you need to know about policies and claims during these uncertain COVID-19 related times. There are a number of factors to consider in determining if your business has the right to recover from your insurer for losses sustained as a result of COVID-19.

Special Note: Our very own Justin Curcio and Rakin Hamad both contributed articles this month titled “Tips to Saving Money Every Month” on page 10, and “Small Ways to Take Off Pounds” on page 31.

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Living Safer Volume 12 Edition 1

Has Zantac Harmed Public Health?

The featured article in this edition of Living Safer focuses on what you need to know about the alleged connection between Zantac and cancer. Once the gold standard for treating digestive diseases since 1983, litigation against Zantac manufacturers have increased in recent years.  Find out why.

Special Note: Our very own Justin Curcio and Rakin Hamad both contributed articles this month titled “Intermittent Fasting: What is it?” on page 25, and “Chickpeas Are Good for More than Just Hummus” on page 30.

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Living Safer Volume 11 Edition 4

The Deadly Vaping Epidemic— A Deep Dive

This edition addresses the increasing us and health risks associated with e-cigarette use. Read the full article and discuss with your family and friends so that those you care most about will be informed about the serious health risks of using these products.

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Living Safer Volume 11 Edition 3

Teen Suicide—What Parents Need to Know About the Link to Bullying

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Living Safer Volume 11 Edition 2

Roundup—What You Need To Know About The Potential Links To Cancer

Two recent lawsuits have been decided against Monsanto, finding that the main ingredient in RoundUp, glyphosate, at least partially caused the plaintiffs’ non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

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Living Safer Volume 11 Edition 1

How Millennials are Changing the World You Know

Throughout history, older generations have been quick to criticize those that follow them. This makes sense: after all, the ever-changing nature of the world fosters the development of vastly different societal values, political beliefs, and priorities between generations.

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Living Safer Volume 10 Edition 4

Hard Hitting:The Science of CTE and the New Awareness of Concussions

In 1987, the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Merril Hoge in the 10th round—an Idaho State University graduate who had been a three-time all-conference running back.

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Living Safer Volume 10 Edition 3

America’s Invisible Crime: Child Sex Trafficking

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, commercial sexual exploitation of children is all around us. Labeled by many as modern-day slavery in America—its occurrence is growing and we need to do something about it now.

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Living Safer Volume 10 Edition 2

Cyberbullying: How Technology Is Pushing Bad Behavior Beyond the Playground

Most all of us have been involved in a bullying situation at some point in our life. Whether the victim or the instigator, it’s an unfortunate aspect of social interaction that one or more individuals might sense vulnerability in another, choosing to express dominance in a hurtful and repetitive way that can be insulting at the very least and threatening at its very worst.

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2019 Day of Action

Injury Board Day of Action

As part of the annual national outreach event known as Injury Board Day of Action, Curcio Law gifted and installed an echo speaker and smart plugs for John and Margaret Edelman, pictured here with Alexandria trial attorneys Tom Curcio and Rakin Hamad. Tom is a proud member of the Injury Board, a group of like-minded trial lawyers from the US and the UK selected based upon their proven successful results, leadership positions in state and national trial bars, and involvement and commitment to their local community.

The goal of this year’s “Smart Home Initiative” is intended to provide support to those in need of assistance with some of the things we take for granted in our day-to-day lives. This amazing couple has been married for 75 years and are supported daily by the wonderful nursing staff from ACCfamily, which allows them to stay in their home. Now they can depend on a little additional help from “Alexa” throughout the day with verbal medication reminders, improved safety by asking Alexa to turn on and off lamps from across the room, and even tune in to their favorite music and radio programs.

2016 Day of Action

Injury Board Day of Action

Curcio Law is part of the Injury Board, an association of experienced trial attorneys practicing both in the United States and the United Kingdom. In order to become a member of Injury Board an attorney must prove his or her commitment to the four key areas that define the best of the legal profession: Relationships, Leadership, Community, and Results.

Each year the Injury Board hosts a Day of Action, a nationwide community outreach effort hosted by the Injury Board to bring together plantiffs’ firms from across the U.S., all working for the same cause on the same day. Through our involvement with Injury Board, Curcio Law has volunteered and aided the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Ronald McDonald House Charities, and the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Thomas J. Curcio Attorney Photo
Thomas J. Curcio

Tom Curcio, the driving force behind Curcio Law, is a dedicated trial lawyer with more than 35 years of experience in Northern Virginia. He has dedicated his career to representing people who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own. He works tirelessly to obtain the compensation his clients are legally entitled to…

Rakin Hamad Attorney Photo
Rakin Hamad

Rakin Hamad is a graduate of the George Mason Law School and joined Curcio Law as an associate in August 2018. Rakin works closely with Tom Curcio and staff in preparing cases from the initial client meeting through trial and has been a perfect fit for the firm. During law school, Rakin interned at the…

Justin Curcio Attorney Photo
Justin Curcio

Justin Curcio received his J.D. from St. John’s University School of Law in 2015, where he was awarded an academic scholarship. During law school, he worked for the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and the law firm of Bartlett, McDonough & Monaghan, LLP. Justin also spent a semester studying law at the University of Glasgow…

Kathy  McAfee Attorney Photo
Kathy McAfee
Office Manager

As the firm’s office manager, Kathy McAfee is dedicated to making sure the office runs smoothly and that the team has what it needs by way of resources, technology, and supplies to best serve our clients. Kathy graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Roanoke College in 1986 and afterward, returned to Alexandria. She began…

Riann  Winget Attorney Photo
Riann Winget
Legal Assistant/Receptionist

Riann Winget, a native Texan, graduated with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Legal Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. She was a member of the varsity soccer team, Chi Omega Sorority, and was on the university board for Big Brothers Big Sisters. After graduation, she joined AmeriCorps and taught preschool…

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    I am so impressed with the professionalism and knowledge when I sought out legal advice from Justin. He responded to me quickly, listened to my concerns and throughly answered my questions, which put me at ease. I am very appreciative of his support...

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    Audrey Cate

  • lawyers

    I had to fire a lawyer because he was total ineffective. Fortunately Curcio Law firm was recommended by a friend and they provide excellent service all around. I would recommend this firm to everyone

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  • google

    I would like to say that Mr. Rakin Hamad has been the best accident lawyer I've ever retained. He kept me updated with every piece of information he received by email. When the insurance company tried to settle for less . Mr. Hamad was not having it....

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    Lavola Applewhite

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    This firm is great and very professional with timing, finishing their work on time. Over all its great service and happy with the results they did. Highly recommended!!!

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    Wendy Sun

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    Tom and all the staff at the firm showed the utmost sensitivity and deep legal expertise as they guided me through my case. Even months after the positive outcome and case completion, they were responsive to documentation requests and provided additi...

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    Rebekah Young

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  • "$213,000.00 Jury Verdict, Auto Accident, Hand injury"

  • "$1,500,000.00, Auto Accident, Wrongful Death"

  • "$100,000.00, Auto Accident, Broken Leg"

  • "$493,000.00, Auto Accident, Brain injury, broken rib, facial lacerations"

  • "$190,000.00, Auto Accident, Brain injury"

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