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Personal Injury Litigation in Northern Virginia

Cases handled by Attorney Thomas J. Curcio

We will periodically highlight verdicts, cases, settlements, or noteworthy results of cases handled by our attorneys at Curcio Law.  While past results do not guarantee future favorable outcomes, we take a personal approach to each one of our clients’ cases and strive for the best possible result.

Personal Injury Cases

The majority of the personal injury cases that happen in the Northern Virginia area are automobile accidents. In a high traffic area, where most people are commuting to work these statistics are inevitable. However, we cover all areas of personal injury, from slip and falls to product liability. Below are a few different kinds of personal injury cases we have represented.

Vespa Struck by Automobile

56-year-old husband and father of two was struck by a vehicle while riding his Vespa motor scooter. Injuries included eight broken ribs, a Grade III splenic laceration, hemopneumothorax, and pulmonary contusion, and multiple abrasions and contusions. Case settled pre-suit for $232,500.

Bicyclist Struck by Automobile

Bicyclist struck by an automobile sustained injuries that included two broken wrists and a broken hip, all requiring surgery to repair. The case settled pre-suit for $500,000 policy limits.

Automobile Collision Vertebral Fracture

58-year old man t-boned at an intersection, suffered right vertebral artery compression and a C-2 fracture with dissection which was a life-threatening condition. Client claimed $33,300 in lost wages. Case settled pre-suit for $196,000.

Automobile/Moped Collision

Our 16-year-old client was a passenger on a moped being driven by a 15-year-old classmate. The classmate ran a red light and broadsided a passenger car proceeding through the intersection on a green light. Tragically, the classmate was killed, and our client suffered serious orthopedic injuries, including a fractured skull, a broken leg, and the loss of a significant amount of his calf muscle. We were able to obtain a settlement from the parents’ automobile liability insurer for the sum of $237,500, which included the purchase of an annuity which makes periodic payments to the client to fund his college education and other anticipated milestone expenses.

Taxicab Accident

Our client, a woman in her mid-40s, was the rear seat passenger of a taxicab struck by a car that went out of control after that car was struck by another vehicle. She suffered a broken wrist and underwent surgery, which included the placement of metal hardware into her wrist. She required extensive physical and occupational therapy and lost a significant amount of wages because of her injuries. We were able to settle the case for $100,000, the maximum available to any claimant under the available insurance policies.

Rear-end Collision

Plaintiff suffered herniated disk in her neck when she was rear-ended by a passenger automobile driven by a Fairfax County employee. The case settled for $500K.

Product Liability

Plaintiff, then 81 years old, was seated in a stairway elevator when, without warning, the seat pivoted, causing her to fall out of the stair and down the staircase, breaking her neck and wrist. The suit was filed against the product manufacturer and against the local district, breach of warranty, negligence, and failure to warn. The case settled in mediation before Judge Johanna Fitzpatrick of McMammon Group for $750K.

Auto Collision, Failure to Yield

Defendant failed to yield at a stop sign and caused a T-bone intersectional collision. Plaintiff suffered broken bones in his wrist, requiring plating and screws. The pain persisted, requiring a second surgery to remove the hardware. Plaintiff claimed a loss of military retirement benefits due to having to retire from the military prematurely. All medical services were provided by the military with lien totaling $22K. Loss of retirement benefits was complicated by the fact that the plaintiff was earning significantly more than while he was in the military. The case settled for $165K.

Pedestrian Auto Collision

An 85-year-old plaintiff with dementia struck his neighbor when he was backing out of his driveway. He did not see her bending over to retrieve her dog. The case settled for $350K.

Rear-End Collision

Our client was stopped at an intersection, waiting to make a left turn, when her car was rear-ended. The impact propelled her vehicle forward into the back of a pick-up truck stopped in front of her, causing extensive damage to our client’s vehicle. Our client suffered a torn rotator cuff that required extensive medical treatment, including surgical repair. We were able to settle her claim for $97,500.

Wrongful Death Cases

Unfortunately, there are times when due to negligence a precious life is lost. These are the hardest claims for all involved as nothing can fill the void left behind. Below are a few of the wrongful death cases we have represented. We are constantly humbled by the trust these families placed in us.

Police Car Collision

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Our client’s 33-year-old daughter was killed driving through an intersection on a green light when she was broadsided by a young Fairfax County police officer who ran a red light at a high speed. The officer, responding to a fight call, which she claimed was an emergency, had her emergency lights on but her siren was not activated. The case was settled two weeks before trial for $1.5 million, which was paid by Fairfax County after the County Board of Supervisors approved the settlement.

Auto Collision

An 89-year old woman who was t-boned in an intersection suffered brain trauma and died as a result of the injury. The defendant was a 90-year old woman. Two adult daughters were statutory beneficiaries. Though she was elderly, the plaintiff was relatively active and healthy for her age. The case settled in mediation pre-suit for $525K by Judge Ledbetter with McCammon group.

Tractor-Trailer/Auto Collision

A 53-foot-long tractor-trailer truck traveling westbound completely crossed both eastbound lanes where it struck a vehicle traveling eastbound, killing our client, who was a passenger, and seriously injuring the driver. Our client was the mother of five children. In an effort to resolve the case quickly and to avoid the costs and delay of a trial, a mediation was held, at which the insurance company for the driver of the tractor-trailer agreed to pay a confidential sum to settle the case.

Brain Injury Cases

Below are some brain injury cases we have handled. While many injuries resulting from accidents are obvious, such as lacerations and compound fractures, some injuries take time to manifest. These injuries can be just as dilapidating as broken bones, and sometimes more so. While past results do not guarantee future favorable outcomes, we at Curcio Law take a personal approach to each one of his clients’ cases and strive for the best possible result.

Tractor-Trailer/Automobile Collision

Our clients, a mother, father, and their minor daughter were rear-ended by a speeding tractor-trailer. Their van was propelled into the passenger car in front of it and rolled over several times on the grassy median. All three were seriously injured. The mother suffered a broken neck, the father suffered a broken back, and their daughter a traumatic brain injury and several broken bones. Six individuals in the passenger car were also injured. We were ultimately successful in settling the case through mediation for confidential amounts, which include structured settlements that make guaranteed payments well into the future.

Automobile Collision; Passenger Soft Tissue Injury

Our client, a 62-year-old real estate agent, was a front seat passenger in a stopped car that was rear-ended in a four-car pileup. She suffered injuries to the muscles and ligaments of her neck and upper back. Her pain persisted for more than three years despite extensive medical treatment and interfered with her ability to perform all of her job’s duties, causing a significant loss of income.  The case went to trial and the jury returned a verdict in favor of our client in the amount of $95,000.

Rear-End Auto Collision

Plaintiff was stopped in traffic and rear-ended by a commercial van. She suffered neck and back injuries, as well as a closed-head injury. The neck and back injuries required several spinal surgeries. Injuries were hotly contested by the defense. The case settled in mediation before Judge Bruce Boch with the McCammon Group for $700,000.

Automobile Collision Left Hand Turn

A 74-year old woman was a passenger in her husband’s vehicle that made a left-hand turn in front of oncoming traffic which caused the collision. Injuries included subarachnoid hemorrhage, loss of consciousness, open wound of scalp, forehead, knee, leg, and ankle, headache and a contusion of the interscapular region. Case settled pre-suit for $493,000.

Automobile T-Boned in Intersection

A 29-year old woman who was t-boned in an intersection suffered bruised patella in the left knee, concussion, memory issues, and right knee pain. Defendant was an 83-year old man. The case settled via negotiations after the suit was filed – $190K.

T-bone Intersection Collision

Plaintiff was a passenger that was injured when the defendant made a left turn and failed to yield. She spent five days in the hospital, primarily for observation and had some follow-up care upon her release. The case settled for $95K with $100K policy limits.

Thomas J. Curcio Attorney Photo
Thomas J. Curcio

Tom Curcio, the driving force behind Curcio Law, is a dedicated trial lawyer with more than 35 years of experience in Northern Virginia. He has dedicated his career to representing people who have been seriously injured through no fault of their own. He works tirelessly to obtain the compensation his clients are legally entitled to…

Rakin Hamad Attorney Photo
Rakin Hamad

Rakin Hamad is a graduate of the George Mason Law School and joined Curcio Law as an associate in August 2018. Rakin works closely with Tom Curcio and staff in preparing cases from the initial client meeting through trial and has been a perfect fit for the firm. During law school, Rakin interned at the…

Justin Curcio Attorney Photo
Justin Curcio

Justin Curcio received his J.D. from St. John’s University School of Law in 2015, where he was awarded an academic scholarship. During law school, he worked for the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office and the law firm of Bartlett, McDonough & Monaghan, LLP. Justin also spent a semester studying law at the University of Glasgow…

Kathy  McAfee Attorney Photo
Kathy McAfee
Office Manager

As the firm’s office manager, Kathy McAfee is dedicated to making sure the office runs smoothly and that the team has what it needs by way of resources, technology, and supplies to best serve our clients. Kathy graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Roanoke College in 1986 and afterward, returned to Alexandria. She began…

Riann  Winget Attorney Photo
Riann Winget
Legal Assistant/Receptionist

Riann Winget, a native Texan, graduated with a BA in Psychology and a Minor in Legal Studies from the University of Pennsylvania in 2017. She was a member of the varsity soccer team, Chi Omega Sorority, and was on the university board for Big Brothers Big Sisters. After graduation, she joined AmeriCorps and taught preschool…

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