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Curcio Bergeron is the epitome of the American Dream. Beginning with humble roots, its initial founder Tom Curcio, began working at the Old Town Law Firm of Weight, Finch, & Chamowitz as a part-time law clerk in 1981. He worked there while also attending the George Washington University National Law Center in Washington, D.C. full time, building his character. Tom was fortunate enough to work with other excellent attorneys in Old Town while in law school, and after graduating in 1983 became an associate at Cohen, Annad, Dunn, & Sinclair a leading firm in Alexandria. While there Tom handled a variety of cases ranging from criminal, domestic relations, commercial, product liability, and personal injury. Even then personal injury set alive a fire in Tom. While working on his plethora of cases his compassion for personal injury grew. Tom continued to show his strength of commitment to his work and his clients and was promoted to partner of what evolved into Dunn, Curcio, Keating & Rohrstaff. After 20 years, Tom decided it was time he branched out on his own and created Curcio Law in 2004, a firm that would focus solely on personal injury cases and wrongful death. Beginnings aren’t easy but Curcio Law built itself up, and through commitment, compassion, and character Tom and his staff created the trustworthy firm it is today. Over the years the firm grew in size and Tom was fortunate enough to have Steve Bergeron join in 2010. Steve was a successful defense attorney for Geico and during his time there honed his litigation skills. Tom and Steve crossed swords in the courtroom many times and through this had gained a mutual respect for each other as adversaries. Steve and Tom knew together they could make Curcio Law even greater than it had become and thus for 5 years put every ounce of themselves into improving the firm and representing their clients. In 2016 Curcio Law saw a welcome transformation as it became Curcio Bergeron, and a partnership that had originally improved the firm continued on to make it the legal powerhouse it is today.