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$850,000 Settlement Secured for Woman’s Devastating Dog Bite Case

We take great pride in recognizing the achievement of Tom Curcio, who secured a significant $850,000 settlement. Tom’s commitment to his client’s cause and his exceptional legal skill led to a just outcome, providing much-needed solace and compensation for our client.

The plaintiff and defendant were long-time neighbors separated by a wooden fence. The defendant’s two large dogs incessantly barked, disrupting our client’s ability to enjoy her own backyard. Seeking resolution, our client engaged in an open conversation with her neighbor, who suggested the seemingly innocuous act of feeding the dogs biscuits over the fence. Tragically, this gesture resulted in a horrifying incident. As she extended a biscuit to one of the dogs, the other lunged at her, sinking its teeth into her right hand and attempting to drag her over the fence.

Under Tom’s steadfast guidance, a thorough investigation uncovered vital evidence from Fairfax County Animal Control. Previous incidents in 2015 and 2020 revealed instances where the same dog displayed aggressive behavior towards a dog walker and a neighbor, significantly strengthening our case. Armed with this compelling information, Tom constructed a persuasive argument, highlighting the defendant’s awareness of the dog’s dangerous propensities.

The injuries suffered by our client were devastating, with the dog bite causing a “crushing injury” to her right hand. Multiple surgeries were required to address the extensive muscular, nerve, and vascular damage, along with a metacarpal bone fracture. Complications arose from an infection commonly associated with animal bites, leaving a visible scar on her palm and ongoing weakness in her dominant hand. The utilization of medical illustrations also played a crucial role in accurately depicting the extent of our client’s injuries and the necessary medical treatments.

Through the successful attainment of the $850,000 settlement, Tom Curcio’s legal triumph not only provides our client with the compensation she rightfully deserves but also sends a powerful message regarding the responsibility of pet owners to prioritize the safety of others.

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    Begum Kucuk

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