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Attorneys Assisting Victims of Train Accidents in Virginia

Holding government agencies and transport companies accountable

Rail travel has long been considered one of the safer modes of transportation available in the United States. Recently, however, there has been a disquieting rash of passenger train accidents across the country. These have caused serious injury and even death among passengers. If you or a loved one has been injured in a train accident in the Alexandria area, you do have rights. Your case, however, may be subject to special legal rules and constraints. It is important to consult with an attorney who understands the unique nature of train accident litigation.

For many Virginia residents, the 2009 DC Metro train crash that killed nine passengers is still a fresh memory. Curcio Law represented a young woman seriously injured in that crash. More recently, a Metro-North train derailment in Connecticut injured dozens of passengers and snarled traffic in the New York metro area for days. As the national infrastructure continues to age, these accidents will only become more common. Fortunately, for those who suffer injuries in this manner, common carriers owe one of the highest duties of care that exist under the law. While common carriers are not liable for every personal injury, they are bound to exercise the utmost degree of care and are frequently held liable for conduct that would not be considered negligent under other circumstances. Common carriers include various types of mass transportation:

  • Passenger trains
  • Subways
  • Ferries
  • Buses

An additional issue comes from the fact that many public transportation systems are operated by government agencies, meaning that the government is actually the responsible party. In Virginia, personal injury lawsuits against the government must follow the procedures and limitations set forth by the Virginia Tort Claims Act. The attorneys at Curcio Law have ample experience with this narrow type of case across several jurisdictions and are well equipped to assist those injured by train and other public transportation accidents in and around Alexandria.

Freight train collisions and derailments

Train passengers are not the only ones potentially at risk. Train derailments and other accidents have caused serious injuries to both motorists and surrounding residents. The danger is especially prevalent for trains carrying dangerous substances such as chemicals or explosives. When companies engage in this type of inherently dangerous activity and something goes wrong, they may be held strictly liable for that harm regardless of the precautions taken.

Retain reliable counsel for train accidents in Alexandria, VA

Train accidents are somewhat rare, so it’s difficult to find an attorney with specific experience. But that’s not an issue at Curcio Law. To schedule a free consultation with a law firm that’s ready to fight for your full compensation, call us at 703-666-8858 or contact our Alexandria office online.