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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Caviar Dreams on a Beer Budget

It’s every parent’s bittersweet dream and every child’s rude awakening, the day when the birds finally leave the nest. An exciting time, when every “adult-child” becomes just an adult, and parents remember what it is like to have control over the DVR and fridge. However, your first place isn’t going to be pretty. It’s going … Read More

There’s No Place Like Home

All around you are the fluttering of wings, the squawking of monkeys, a cackling, screeching witch, and attached to your feet are glistening, ruby shoes. In your mind you sum up an image of Kansas, Auntie Em and Uncle Henry sitting around the farmhouse table, tumbleweeds rolling around outside. You snap your heels together 3 … Read More

Never Forget

September 11th, 2001 was a defining moment in all of our lives. It is a day that we, as a country, and we, as people, will never forget. This day in history is one that holds great sadness, great anger, and great anguish; but also great promise. 14 years ago today, Al-Qaeda launched one of … Read More

See Spot… Sit?

You’re flying down 395, at the legal speed of 55 mph of course, and in the car next to you is the most adorable Labrador Retriever. It’s got its head out the driver side window, tongue wagging, ears flapping, almost laughing with joy. Then it hops back in and sticks his head out the passenger … Read More

MADD about DD

There’s a reason both campaigns against them begin with DD. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration distracted driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving. Over the last few decades, outreach groups like MADD (Moms Against Drunk Driving), have created a social stigma and societal push back against drunk driving. And rightly so, … Read More