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Barbecue Safety

A weekend of food has arrived. Below we’ve mentioned a few tips to stay safe while cooking around grills. Be sure to fully defrost all meat before cooking on the grill. If not fully defrosted, the outside will cook and the inside may be raw. Always keep your grill on a flat site, away from … Read More

Proud to Be an American

Independence Day is upon us. A day we celebrate the “birth” of our country and its founding principles, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. However, what does this mean? Obviously we all know the story of how the Founding Fathers risked life and limb to pen the Declaration of Independence and then went to … Read More

Tom’s Thoughts

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Graves family, especially as they lay their son Lane to rest this week. As a father of two sons, who as toddlers, splashed in calm waters at many  resorts, I can only imagine the pain and grief Matt and Melissa Graves are feeling and will feel their … Read More

Day of Action 2016

For the last 3 years has been a part of the Injury Board, an association of experienced trial attorneys practicing both in the United States and the United Kingdom. In order to become a member of Injury Board an attorney must prove his or her commitment to the four key areas that define the best … Read More

Zika Stay or Zika Go?

Zika has been prevalent in the news of late, from Olympians not wanting to participate in the Rio de Janeiro Summer Games, to new cases being discovered in the United States daily, it is a virus we won’t see disappear for a while. But what is Zika? How does it affect people? How is it … Read More

 “June, She’ll Change Her Tune”

Kudos to Simon and Garfunkel for accurately predicting a transition from rainy May to sun and heat filled June! However, they may have predicted more than the initial summer heat. That’s right, June 1st marked the beginning of the 2016 hurricane season, yet we’ve already had two storms show up early to the party. Hurricane … Read More

We Remember

It’s a Monday without work, it’s a weekend with two Saturdays, the sun is out (finally), pools and lakes are busy and amusing our children while we sip on sweet tea and light beer. It’s going to be a glorious day, but is this what Memorial Day is about? Surely, somewhere in the back of … Read More